Ryu Shon and Show Dragon receives the Silver award at HKIWSC 2022

"Ryu Sho Daiginjo" and "Snow Dragon Shochu" won the Silver award at the sake contest HKIWSC2022 held in Hong Kong.

We are very pleased that the first rice shochu of our "Ryu Sho" brand, sold exclusively in Hong Kong since December 2021, and our first sake brewed with our patented technology, sold exclusively in Hong Kong since August 2022, won the prestigious award.
"Ryu Sho Daiginjo" also won the silver award In Asian Food Pairing; Thai Green Chicken Curry.
Please try Ryu Sho Daiginjo and Thai curry food pairing!

"Ryu Sho Season 2" has begun. We will continue to brew sake and rice shochu that everyone can enjoy drinking.

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流觴-Ryu Sho- Daiginjo : Rice Win Group Silver / Asian Food Pairing Silver; Thai Green Chicken Curry 
雪龍 – Snow Dragon – Honkaku Shochu : Shochu Group   Silver