「月茜 - Scarlet Moon -」Second Seasonal Sake Set Limited Edition of 300 set Exclusively sold in Hong Kong

月茜 - Scarlet Moon –

Daiginjo (Snow-Aged) & Honkaku Shochu (Snow-Aged)
Second seasonal Sake and Rice Shochu 2022 Autumn

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Rice harvesting season, the Autumn leaves dress the mountin in red and gold. The sake, brewed in the icy winter, matured in the crisp snow. The moonlight shone, in the depths of the night, on the sacred red leaves. We invite you to Unfurl your senses and unify with nature, and experience our sake and its journey.

Storage in Snow can only be done in the heavy snowfall area of Tadami. By burying the whole tank in the snow, allowing it mature slowly, the sake and shochu becomes smooth and rounded on the palate.

Similar to 「雪龍 – Snow Dragon –」, the sake and shochu is brewed from the same mash. While the aromatic of「月茜 – Scarlet Moon –」’s sake and shochu might be alike, but the flavor is completely different. We created the sake and shochu as a set for you so that each can be enjoyed separately, with their unique aroma and flavor; however, as a set, it allows you to produce a creation of your own by mixing and combining the two together little by little. Out of the box「月茜 – Scarlet Moon –」is wonder on its own right, but it is the fun and joy of discovering your own taste that we wants to share with you.

Product: 月茜 – Scarlet Moon –
Brand: 流觴-Ryu Sho-
Size: 720ml 2 bottles
Country: Japan
Type: Rice Shochu and Daiginjo Sake Set
Sale: Nov, 2022

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【About Brand】

"Ryu Sho" is a brand that focuses on its origin, from growing our own sake rice, to fermentation and even in-house distillation, all these efforts are just to fulfill one mission: to introduce & promote sake and rice shochu to the world. "Ryu Sho" is an ancient drinking game. Literati will sit alongside a river, pick up & drink sake that’s floating in the stream and reciting poems. We use Ryu Sho as our brand name hoping that people from all over the world can enjoy the beauty of sake and create a new "flow" of sake culture.

We  have been updating Ryu Sho project activities in real time through SNS, so please take a look at it as well.


【Brief History】

May, 2021     Obtain “Export Sake Manufacturer” Permit
Dec, 2021 Sale Begins for 雪龍 – Snow Dragon - Daiginjo Nama Sake & Honkaku Shochu
May, 2022  TTSA2022 (Hong Kong Tasting Trendies® Sake Awards) Hong Kon
  雪龍 – Snow Dragon – Daiginjo Nama Sake Daiginjo Group Gold
  雪龍 – Snow Dragon – Honkaku Shochu  Shochu / Awamori Group Silver
Aug, 2022  Sale Begins for 流觴大吟醸 – Ryu Sho Daiginjo –
Aug, 2022  Patent Granted  Exclusive Right to Methodology in Brewing Long Lasting Aroma and Character Sake
Nov, 2022  HKIWSC  Hong Kong
  流觴-Ryu Sho- Daiginjo : Rice Win Group Silver
  流觴-Ryu Sho- Asian Food Pairing Silver : Thai Green Chicken Curry 
  雪龍 – Snow Dragon – Honkaku Shochu : Shochu Group   Silver