First product "雪龍 – Snow Dragon –" will be sold only in 500 sets in Hong Kong

雪龍 – Snow Dragon –

大吟醸生酒 & 本格焼酎
– Daiginjo Nama-sake & Honkaku Rice Shochu–
First seasonal Sake and Rice Shochu 2021 Winter

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Beech forests, big rivers, heavy snowfall in winter. Enchanted by nature and protected by the God of Dragon since ancient times; "Snow Dragon" sake is brewed in such a special location. Using in-house grown sake rice, and pure snowfall water from the area, the power of the dragon can be felt in the silence of the snowy winter and the splendor of the snow.

It is an unprecedented sake brewing that makes sake and shochu from a single sake mash. Therefore both have similar features such as aroma but tastes are very different. The reason for selling shochu and sake as a set is to enjoy various ways of drinking. Of course, you can drink sake and shochu alone, but if you add a small amount of shochu to sake, the flavor will change significantly. You can create your favorite taste by changing the amount of shochu added. It's fun to think about how you can pair the snow dragon with your favorite food. Let’s build a brand new concept of sake and shochu and enjoy your own Snow Dragon!

Product: 雪龍-Snow Dragon-
Brand: 流觴-Ryu Sho-
Size: 720ml 2 bottles
Country: Japan
Type: Rice Shochu and Daiginjo Sake Set
Price: 980 HKD
Sale: Dec 13, 2021

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【About Brand】

"Ryu Sho" is a brand that focuses on its origin, from growing our own sake rice, to fermentation and even in-house distillation, all these efforts are just to fulfill one mission: to introduce & promote sake and rice shochu to the world. "Ryu Sho" is an ancient drinking game. Literati will sit alongside a river, pick up & drink sake that’s floating in the stream and reciting poems. We use Ryu Sho as our brand name hoping that people from all over the world can enjoy the beauty of sake and create a new "flow" of sake culture.

【Future Products】
We will launch more products in 2022. Seasonal products and standard products are coming soon. Please expect our upcoming items.