Patent Granted! Exclusive Right to Methodology in Brewing Long Lasting Aroma and Character Sake

We are pleased to announce that we are officially granted the patent for the "Methodology in Brewing Long Lasting Aroma and Character Sake", which is used to brew our "Ryu Sho Daiginjo" to be release in Hong Kong in August 2022.

 Maintaining the quality of exported sake is one the issue faced by all sake brewery, as it is very difficult the manage the temperature of the sake throughout the transportation process. One of Ryusho’s core value is to deliver high quality sake with elegant aroma and great taste to people of the world. To overcome this challenge, we have developed a new sake brewing methodology to bring our vision to reality. A difficult issue is maintaining the quality of exported sake is that it is difficult to control the temperature of sake during transportation. As one of Ryu Sho’s core value, our brand aims to create sake that has gorgeous aroma and deliciousness. We then have developed a new brewing method to deliver the sake in our vision to customers outside Japan without the quality being affected. With the assistance and support from the Brewing and Food Department of the Fukushima Technology Plaza - Aizuwakamatsu Technical Support Centre, we are granted the patent to our brewing methodology. Sake brewed using this method is characterized by its elegant aroma, well-balanced taste, and can be stored at around 15oC without any deterioration.

"Overcoming Challenge" is our brand’s core value. We will continue to brew great tasting and aromatic sake with the our patented brewing method.

Please refer to the following URL for the patent outline.

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【About Brand】

"Ryu Sho" is a brand that focuses on its “origin”, from growing our own sake rice, to fermentation and even in-house distillation, all these efforts are just to fulfill one mission: to introduce & promote sake and rice shochu to the world. "Ryu Sho" is an ancient drinking game. Literati will sit alongside a river, pick up & drink sake that’s floating in the stream and reciting poems. We use Ryu Sho as our brand name hoping that people from all over the world can enjoy the beauty of sake and create a new "flow" of sake culture.


【Brief History】

May, 2021     Obtain “Export Sake Manufacturer” Permit
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May, 2022  TTSA2022 (Hong Kong Tasting Trendies® Sake Awards) Hong Kon
  雪龍 – Snow Dragon – Daiginjo Nama Sake Daiginjo Group Gold
  雪龍 – Snow Dragon – Honkaku Shochu  Shochu / Awamori Group Silver
Aug, 2022  Sale Begins for 流觴大吟醸 – Ryu Sho Daiginjo –